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Handprint Christmas Tree

So, I pinned this SO LONG AGO (here)... I just HAD to try it out with my little ones when I was on my desperate crafting search.  I REALLY love the way that it turned out.  If I were going to do anything different though, I would have gotten a larger canvas.  I think that the one I got was like 16x20 (maybe?!).  Bigger would have been MUCH better, you can always add more rows.  Anyhow, luckily my munchkins still have small hands so it worked out GREAT.  Had I had the larger canvas though, we could have added a row of hands for each adult in the house too.  Lesson learned.

So, I went to the craft store here and the canvases were on sale.  Who doesn't love a sale?!  For a 2 canvas pack, I paid $6.95.  Add in a bottle of green paint (washable of course) for $2.99 and I was set.  If only I had remembered my 50% off any item coupon... it would have been even better.  Oh well.  Another lesson learned.

Well, I'm SO grateful that the canvases came in a 2 pack.  If you look at the second picture, you can see where I tried to put my hands on and then had my little one stamping away... I had NO PLAN!  I visualized it perfectly in my head.  But, when it came down to it, it turned out AWFUL!  So, on to canvas #2.  Lesson Learned.

I nixed the grown up handprints and just used the kiddos.  I used A's left hand (bottom 2 rows) and W's right (top 2 rows).  And I just have to confess that I LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!!!!  It was super easy and looks so super cute!!

I added some brown paint at the bottom for a trunk and a gold star (glitter glue) on the top... badda bing... badda boom... handprint Christmas Tree!!!  <3

Thanks Ucreate for this ADORABLE and AWESOME idea!!!


Finished Melted Snowman Ornament

So, they are dry and hanging... check them out... HOW CUTE?!  Can you tell which one my 18mo old did vs the 3 1/2 yr old?  HA!  But, I totally love them BOTH.  I mean, when a snowman melts, it probably looks a little more like the fist one than the second, don't you think?? Click here for the 'how to' on this fun craft.

Adding the snowmen to our kid's 'tree'... It's safer, all with their ornaments.  Ones that they've made.  They take a LOT of pride in that tree and decorating it.  SO CUTE!!

This was the best shot I could get.  Between her being all giggly and wiggly, the other pictures were crazy blurry.  She's still pretty cute.  

Melted Snowman Ornament

Ok... so I was having a bit of a dry spell when it came to crafts.  So yesterday I went on an overload...  and had a BLAST!!  I remembered a craft that I used to to with my students every Christmas when i taught first grade.  See, it was a tradition at the school that each class made a different type of ornament and we would all decorate a common tree in the hall.  It always ended up looking SO GREAT!!  Anyhow, my standard class ornament was the melted snowman.  I just always thought that they looked SO CUTE, so of course when my angels made theirs, well... they are just the GREATEST!!!  Sidenote... a friend of mine has also made these as ghosts for Halloween and made them necklaces instead of ornaments... so there are LOTS of fun ideas with this. :-)

So, it's simple... get some glue (glue-all works better than the school glue, not sure why... but it does) and squirt some out onto wax paper.  Remember shape doesn't matter, it's a MELTED snowman.

This is my 18 mo old having fun with the glue :-)

I pre-cut the shapes, (an orange triangle and a black hat), let the kids grab some small twigs from the backyard, and had some google eyes.  (you could TOTALLY let older kids cut the stuff themselves and/or add more, buttons, black circles for a charcoal mouth, yarn piece for a scarf... etc...)  

You just let the kids add the pieces wherever... REMEMBER the snowman is melted, placement doesn't matter.

Add in hooks for hanging.  I used ornament hooks but paper clips would work fine too.

So here are ours drying...

I add glitter because the glue dries pretty clear.  Just helps a little.  I'll add the finished pics later today.  I JUST flipped them so the back would dry.  LOVE this one :-)