PB&J Pancakes...YUM!!

Ok... so thanks to the LOVELY ladies at E-Mealz, I have a YUMMY (EASY) recipe (that my ENTIRE family LOVED) to share with the HH readers!!  By the way... if you haven't checked out E-mealz yet, I STRONGLY recommend it!  It is a SERIOUS life (and MONEY) saver in the our household!!


So... here it is...

PB&J Pancakes

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
6 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups of milk
1/4 cup of peanut butter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
Favorite jam (I used sugar free :-))

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a bowl.  Combine milk, peanut butter, oil, vanilla, and eggs in a separate bowl.  Add liquid mixture to flour mixture, stirring until smooth.  Spoon 1/4 of a cup of batter onto a hot nonstick griddle for each pancake.  Turn when tops are covered with bubbles and edges look cooked.  Serve with favorite jam.

Kid tested... and DEFINITELY approved :-)


Baby Wash Cloth Display **SO CUTE**

I was at a friend's house this week and I noticed something that I've noticed before... but this time... I thought, "DUH!  This would be GREAT to share with HH readers!!" 

So, I VIVIDLY remember getting 2374839254370213 baby wash cloths when I was pregnant the first time.  They sell those things in packs of 6 (at least).  So, if someone got me a hoodie towel, they usually threw in 6 wash cloths... leading to my plethora.  I actually remember telling my husband that I was going to use them as bows on baby gifts (not a terrible idea, right?).  I mean, I wasn't using them ALL, right?


60% off Select Toys at Target

OK!  Now this is awesome!  Sales like this make me happy.  Just to stock up on some gifts... maybe for your kids... maybe for a last minute birthday gift... maybe for a reward for a great report card... either way... 60% off of toys is GREAT!  Click here to see which toys are on sale.

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Kodak Waterproof Mini Video 50% off

XBOX 360 on sale for $199.99


XBOX 360 for $199.99!!


It's Christmas in July folks!!!  Thanks to Target there are some pretty great deals that are available ON LINE ONLY!  Click here to take advantage of the deals! 

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(I'll be posting some the GREAT deals on the blog throughout the day... saving money is SO MUCH FUN!!!)


Working out? WHO has time for THAT? Let's Chat...

ok... I don't know about all of you but I know that I WISH that I had enough time in the day and enough gumption to work out in some way EVERY day.  Honestly, I joined the YMCA this year and I LOVE it!  I go often but, there are days when it just doesn't work into my schedule.  I do know that days that I start my day with exercising in some fashion, I just feel better about myself. 

So, I've brainstormed some ideas of ways that I can make healthier choices or get a 'workout' around the house or in my everyday life.  Please feel free to comment below and add ANY other GREAT ideas!!

-DRINK WATER (click here)
-Park farther away (this is a big one for me... I am one of those types of people.  I would drive around for a LONG time trying to find a close parking spot)
-Take the stairs over the elevator or escalator
-Have a DANCE PARTY with the kiddos (this is TONS of fun!!)
-Play sports with the kids outside
-Jump rope
-Wear ankle weights (watch out... your legs feel wobbly after you take them off)
-Bike ride
-Piggy back rides (you can incorporate squats for an extra workout)
-Have fresh fruit options for snacks (good habits to start with the kiddos too)
-Work in the yard
(*calorie burning chart*)

Inexpensive exercise equipment to buy (to have and use at home without owning an entire gym):
-jump rope (GREAT cardio workout)
-exercise ball (you can do SO much on the ball... google it... but it is GREAT for your core and balance)
-hand weights (So these are a little pricey.  BUT, you really probably only need a set of 5lb weights and maybe some 8lb weights too.  Remember that you can use things around the house as weights too)
-kettle bells (The smaller ones are affordable.  The heavier ones get more expensive.  They are used in a lot of Crossfit workouts.)
-exercise band (Can often be used instead of weights to provide resistance.  My favorite... well, it hurts... but you know what I mean... exercise with the band is... to stand on it feet shoulder width apart.  Hold the handles either at hip or shoulder height to provide enough resistance.  Step right and left and burn your butt!!  It's a good one...)
-pull up bar
Here are some websites with GREAT ideas too:
-Working out while doing chores
-Working out at home with no equipment
-Working out without weights

Ok... well, that's what I came up with sitting here.  If I think of more, I'll comment.  You do the same, ok? 

Let's Chat...


Cabela's Summer Clearance save over 50%

Cabela's is gearing up for fall and thus getting rid of summer merchandise... YAY for SALES!  Click here and check out the great deals and stock up on things for NEXT summer (and this summer too). 
-home items
-pet items
-hunting gear
-outdoor cooking and camping
 Happy shopping!!

EASY Yogurt Pops

Thanks to reader Amy for sharing this great EASY summer time snack idea with us!

"My kids absolutely LOVE these and it is a great summer treat! I just buy the pack of Trix yogurt (I've tried other kinds but Trix works the best) and a pack of plastic spoons (I've also tried popsicle sticks but for some reason they like the spoons better and they are a little easier). I let them pick which ones they want out of the pack and they stick the spoon in through the aluminum top (with spoon end sticking out). Put them in the freezer overnight and when they are ready for them, just squeeze the cup a little, remove the aluminum top and pull them out."


Target Black Friday deals online PREVIEW

OK... so Target is having a Black Friday sale ON LINE only THIS FRIDAY (7/15/11)!  Click here to go get a sneak peak at what is going to be on sale!!!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Crocs Deal of the Week- Electro Slide 20% off

We're back!

Well, after a long series of necessary events.  Handy Housemom is back up and running!  I just wanted to take a quick second to thank those of you that commented or messaged me or thought about/prayed for my friend and her family.  It's always so sad when an American hero dies selflessly fighting to protect our freedoms... but it is beyond explanation when it hits so close to home.  Jeremy was an amazing man in every aspect and his family will miss him greatly.  BUT, they are so sooooooooooo thankful for the time that they had WITH him.  I guess if nothing else... hear this.  Life is SO short... and none of us know what day will be our last.  Be sure that YOU make every single day count and hug and love on those close to you.  Make sure that without a doubt they know how important that they are to YOU.  Ok... enough babbling.  Thanks for understanding y'all!