Happy Memorial Day! Let's Chat...

I wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a
Happy Memorial Day! 

I hope that on this day you will not only enjoy the time with your friends and family but, that you will take a minute to stop and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have this day off.  American heroes are fighting diligently day in and day out, some unfortunately not making it home.  Please remember them and THEIR families today.  If you have someone that you would like us to remember on this Memorial Day, please feel free to comment and write their name and tell us anything else about them that you'd like to share.  This way we can make this holiday even more personal. 

Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Cake

mmmmmmmmm... I am BEYOND excited to dig into this DELICIOUS dessert! It is just perfect for the summer heat that is starting so soon! It's light, cold (frozen :-)), and sweeeeeet!! OK... so here it goes...



"Hawaiian" Pizza (with a twist)

Ok... so I have to apologize but, I didn't take a picture of this pizza... but let me tell you... it was DELICIOUS (and of course, SIMPLE)!

So first of all, I got the Pillsbury THIN crust (and LOVED it). 

  • BBQ sauce (I used a hickory smoke flavor) instead of pizza sauce
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • pineapple chunks (we chopped our up pretty small)
  • turkey bacon
And honestly, I'm a pretty 'Plain Jane' when it comes to pizza and burgers.  BUT... this was really pretty yummy!  In fact, all we have is 3 little slices left and there were only 2 women eating it... mmmmmmm...

*HOT* Leap Frog Memorial Day Sale (5 days only)

So, THIS is what I've been waiting for!  YAY!  Happy Memorial Day to you all!!

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.


Arts & Crafts Sale at Barnes & Noble


Here's a sale to plan some fun arts & crafts projects for this summer with your kiddos!  The summer can be a LOT more fun when you are spending time together!  Especially on those REALLY HOT DAYS!!  Happy shopping!!

Exersaucer? Jumperoo? Let's Chat...

Ok... so how about this one... Jumperoo?  Exersaucer?  Which do YOU prefer?  Why?  My kids have a jumperoo (MAINLY because it was a gift).  But, I know plenty of people with the exersaucer.  There are SO MANY choices out there. 

Here are some GREAT jumperoos (we have the rainforest one... LOVE IT)!  Click the link BELOW the picture to check it out!


**FATHER'S DAY IDEA** Spinning Reel 60% off

If your dad's a fisherman, then this is a great deal for you!  These reels are on sale 60% OFF!  CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Regular Price:
$109.99 - $159.99

Sale Price:
$39.99 - $49.99

**FREE** Jibbitz charm with any kid's Crocs

Gearing up for summer is ALWAYS fun with Crocs!  I know that my kids love them!  Click the link above to get a free Jibbitz charm and personalize each pair!!


JOIN Club SPA for great spa deals

Do you love Groupon?  Do you LOVE the spa??  Well, do I have a site FOR YOU!  Click here to sign up for great deals and rewards from SpaFinder.  One of the cool things about this deal is that it not only posts LOCAL spas, but it also posts great vacations to spas!  CHECK IT OUT!!

Right now, they're running a deal through too!  Free Shipping is good through May 31 on orders over $50! Use promo code SFGR2010 at checkout.

Free gift box and shipping on orders over $50 with code SFGR2010 (Ends 5.31.11)

Free Shipping on Cars 2 books & games for Explorer, Leapster, Tag & Tag Junior

I've made it my goal to start hunting for deals on CHRISTMAS GIFTS for the kids...NOW!  I know...I know... Christmas is still 7 months away.  But, I've decided THIS year that I'm going to pay attention to sales and deals early rather than spend TOO MUCH in the November and December :-/...

Leap Frog is holding several deals in the next few days.  So, keep an eye out if there's anything that YOU would be interested in!!

Mini Bird Nests

With Spring in FULL SWING, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and breezes blowing (well, hopefully).  I thought that this YUMMY favorite would be a SUPER one to share with you.  It's an oldie but goldie FOR SURE!


  • 12 oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  •  3 ½ cups of chow mien noodles (6oz)
  •  1 cup of peanuts
  •  ½ cup coconut (optional)
  •  Small jelly beans or other egg shaped candy (like the mini Cadbury eggs or foil wrapped eggs)

  1. Melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler or large sauce pan. Sir in noodles, peanuts and coconut until they are coated with chocolate. Drop HEAPING spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper, about 3 - 4 inches in diameter.
  2. With a spoon, hollow out the middle of each nest. Younger children may find it easier to make these holes with a finger or two wrapped with plastic wrap or wax paper.
  3. Place your jelly bean eggs inside the nest.
  4. Leave your nests out to set, after which you can eat them, or store them in the fridge for later!
*If you are using a regular sauce pan it's important to remove the pan from heat as soon as all the chips are melted. This way the chocolate won't "cook" and get really hard.

Got this from Busy Bee Kids Crafts- GREAT site with FUN ideas!!

**FATHER'S DAY IDEA** Garden & Gun subscription 50% OFF

The fam and I are actually on the road visiting friends in Atlanta this weekend and JUST LAST NIGHT our friend Patrick told us about what a GREAT magazine this is!  SO EXCITED to see that it is on a deal!  Groupon has listed Garden & Gun magazine for HALF OFF again!  You pay just $10 for a YEAR subscription!  It normally costs, $19.97! 

CLICK HERE to check it out and grab your Groupon today!!


Couponing... Let's Chat...

Ok... so I'm SURE that you have seen or at least HEARD about the couponing show on TLC... Extreme Couponing for Hoarders.  That IS what it's called, right?!  LOL!!  Unfortunately, it has people believing SO MANY things that quite simply, ARE.NOT.TRUE!  Couponing should be a blessing to your family.  It should save you money and NOT consume your life.  There are so many wonderful resources out there to get you started on the right foot.  I'm going to share a few things with you that I use in my grocery shopping/money saving/couponing trips (and I USED to be a grocery shopping HATER... I LOVE it now... it's a challenge :-))

First of all, I JUST signed up for emealz (if you don't know what I'm talking about, click here and CHECK.IT.OUT).  IT IS AMAZING!  Last week was my first week using the site.  She posts 7 recipes that go along with your grocery store choice/diet issues...ANYTHING!  Now, I do NOT make 7 meals in a week (we do leftovers or pizza sometimes).  So, I just chose the meals I wanted.  I picked 4 last week.  The second AWESOME part of the site is that it prints a GROCERY LIST!  The list shows which recipes each item matches, so I could cross out the ones that I wasn't using.  IF I would have made all 7 recipes, the total cost was $83, last week.  $83 TO FEED 4-6 PEOPLE 7 MEALS?!  That is crazy.  AND, that is NOT including any coupons.  So, if you have coupons you COULD save even more.  She just makes the lists according to deals. 

Ok... so once I've picked my meals and printed my list from her site, I go to a couponing site (there are a TON of them).  I mainly use 2... Saving My Family Money (this site is run by my cousin, so I'm a little partial to her) and Southern Savers.  From these sites, I create the ACTUAL list that I'll use at the grocery store.  I personally only put things on my list that are on sale (preferably a GOOD sale) that my family uses.  Here's a secret about grocery store sales... the product sales run in 6-8 week cycles!  With that said, if something is on a REALLY GOOD sale, then I'll stock up on what my family might use in a 6-8wk period.  NOT stock up on it for LIFE (like the people on that TLC show do).  There is NO NEED for 100 boxes of pasta.  If my family eats pasta 1/week (which we don't... but just for an example), then I would by 6 or 8 boxes.  These deal sites are very helpful because not only do they tell you which products are on sale, but they also tell you the coupons that match up with these deals (there are even some FREE ones that you can print from your computer...*each computer will only print 2 of each coupon.... sooooooooo, if you have more than one computer, or access to multiple computers, you can print more.  DO NOT copy the coupons... they have different codes).

Now, once I've made my 'deal' list and my 'meal' list, I start the coupon hunting.  Now, as a mother of a 3yr old and a 1yr old, clipping coupons, storing them and organzing them is NOT something I have time for (I'm SURE there are people who can relate).  BUT there's an answer for that too!  Coupon clipping services (again, there are TONS of these).  My favorite one is Our Coupon Clipping Service (I might be a little partial again... this one is run by my cousin and I ;-)).  If you search it though, you can find several.  These sites provide a SERVICE to you.  THEY clip, organize, and store the coupons for you.  You pay a small fee and they mail them to you.  Now, I'm SURE that there are some of you scratching your heads, VERY confused by this idea.  But, let me explain... I've made my 2 lists and I want the coupons that match.  I simply go to the site, click the coupons that match my products pick how many (remember the pasta example, that would have been 6 or 8 coupons... probably about $0.60-$0.80... if I had bought 6-8 NEWSPAPERS, it would cost A LOT MORE).  Does that make sense?  So, Now, I can shut the computer and wait for my coupons.  When they come in the mail, I take my lists and my envelope and get shopping.  It's THAT EASY!

Ok... so now, let's hear from you.  Any tips to offer?  Sites you use?  How bout experience?  Have you tried couponing?  Love it?  HATE it?  Let's chat...


Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

Got a party?  Out of ideas for a yummy sweet snack?  Well... have we got an idea for YOU!  Thanks to reader Beth for sharing! 
What you need:

-Chocolate Chips (or flavored meltaways)
-Chocolate mold (sold at most craft stores)
-Gallon Ziploc bags

-Pretzel RODS


Put the chocolate chips (or meltaways) in a Ziploc bag and microwave for 30 seconds at a time (squish/mix the chips between 30 sec increments) until melted.

Squeeze the chocolate into the mold and lay a pretzel rod on top.

*Make sure that the rod is covered completely (even if you need to apply more).

Stick the tray in the refrigerator until it hardens (doesn't take long AT ALL).

Pop the pretzel stick out of the mold and...VOILA!

$20 off $99 at Eastbay... TWO DAYS ONLY

For 2 days only (5/17 and 5/18) Eastbay is offering $20 off a $99 purchase.  Use Code LKS1V572 at checkout (only good on line).

Save $20 when you spend $99 at Eastbay.com!  Use code LKS1V572.  Valid 5/17 - 5/18.  Online only; Some exclusions may apply.

Bow Holder *CUTE*

Thanks to reader Kristin for sharing this ADORABLE idea!!  It's DEFINITELY useful (especially if you have a little girl who wears bows) and a cute decoration in a bedroom or bathroom.

Place a styrofoam ball in a plastic cup/pot <--- this one is white, you can paint or decorate it however you'd like (plastic is key... ceramic would be cute... BUT, would probably NOT last long- in my house, at least).

Trim floral stakes (found in most craft stores) and place them in the styrofoam ball.

Decorate with beads, ribbons, paint, etc... **don't forget the bows** (the flower bows look SUPER cute... but regular bow are SUPER cute too)
Finished product....ADORABLE!!!

Jack Franklin Ties 63% off TWO DAYS ONLY (**FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEA**)

Info on Jack Franklin ties:

  • Highest-quality silks

  • Dozens of classic and bold patterns

  • An extra layer of wool interlining

  • Made on the finest Italian weavers

  • Ties are searchable by design and primary color

  • Click here, (join Moolala- if you haven't already) and snatch up this GREAT deal!


    Chore Chart

    Thanks to reader, Kristin for sharing this awesome idea for another chore chart (in case you missed the other one that we did, click here to check it out).  If you have another chore chart that works GREAT for your kiddo(s)...PLEASE share.  You know that at some point, we ALL run out of ideas, so sharing good ideas with one another is SO SO helpful. 

    **Remember this, in order for any type of routine to stick with your kids (especially the YOUNG ones)... 2 things HAVE to happen. They HAVE to be successful (even if you kind of...well...cheat to make it happen) and you HAVE to be consistent; if you ignore it, they will too.    

    The chore chart that Kristin's kiddos use (well just one... pretty sure the baby doesn't have chores... yet) is simple, direct, and hands on.  When kids are young, hands on and easy to understand is key... well, that AND making sure that the expectations are reasonable.  This chore chart is colorful and fun (which makes the kiddos excited to use it... you can even involve them in MAKING them if they're old enough).  You can simply use the adhesive hooks and construction paper or foam cut out (found at most craft stores) When the chore is complete, the pencil is flipped over.  It's as simple as that!  Kristin used words AND pictures... it's never too early to introduce words.

    Here are some pictures up close of what Kristin did.

    Thanks again Kristin!  Please feel free to pass along any fun ideas for kids in MY direction ([email protected]).


    Save $15 on all MOBI monitors

    Are you in need of a baby monitor?  Know someone that is?  Video monitors have become VERY popular recently.  "Having a video monitor helped alleviate a lot of anxiety after our first son was born.  He tends to be a noisy sleeper so being able to view him prevented a lot of unnecessary trips to his room.  Definitely worth the money!" says reader Colleen.

    Click here and use code MOBISAVE at checkout. 
    Offer good through 5/29/11. 


    60% off Browning Hunting Traditions Knives

    Here's another steal for a GREAT Father's Day gift!  Original price for this knife/display case is $219.99... it is on sale for $89.88!!!  That's right... 60% off!  I mean, why not get dad a GREAT gift that's ON SALE?!!?! 

    Brainstorm...Let's Chat...


    Hope today is off to a GREAT start for each and every one of you.  I've really been enjoying the 'Let's Chat' topics and the input that you have put in them!  I'm interested in what YOU would like to chat about... we've talked about, breastfeeding, making baby food, cloth diapers, LOTS of fun stuff... so what is on your mind?  I mean, we aren't all in the same stages of life.  What are issues or topics that would be interesting for you to read/chat about?  Comment below or email me ([email protected]) with any ideas!  FYI... Wednesdays are the days that I post a Let's Chat topic... so keep an eye out for (hopefully) some fresh FUN new topics!!

    Enjoy your day!!  The weekend is ALMOST here :-)

    25% off Britax Carseats

    Not sure what types of carseats that you all have out there... but both of my babies are in a Britax and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  We have the Marathon and I know of other friends that have different models and love theirs too!  Bottom line, ALL of the Britax carseats are worth every penny! 


    75% off Mahco Outdoors Reversible Bomber Jacket

    Father's Day is just around the corner... check out this... Mahco Outdoors Reversible Bomber Jacket is on sale 75% OFF... bringing it down from $69.99 to $17.88!!!

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