FUN Jewelry Display

So being creative is something that my mother has really instilled into each one of her children.  We've all taken what we've learned from her and really turned into people that love taking risks and trying to create things.  It's pretty fun.  So, I KNOW that my little sister (not so little anymore, perhaps YOUNGER would be a better description... for now anyway...LOL), Jenn, is a VERY creative person.  She's SUPER artistic and creates some AWESOME things.  I knew that she had just moved to Colorado (from our hometown in FL) and that she was decorating/organizing the mess out of her new home.  So I asked her to send me some of the neat things that she has been up to... she sent me a TON!  

Here's one of them...  A super cute way to display your jewelry.  Now, I've seen lots of different examples of this on Pinterest I guess it's just one of those preference type things.  Anyhow, here's hers and how she did it!

What you need: 
-old picture frame
-craft pins
-jewelry (duh ;-))

What you do:
Cut the Styrofoam down to the size of the frame.

Cover the Styrofoam with the fabric of your choice.

Place stick pins into the Styrofoam where you want to hang your jewelry.

HOW EASY IS THAT?  It's a super fun and creative way to display your jewelry as art and save space!
Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this with us Jenn!!


Elizabeth Owens said...

These are so neat! It looks like a professional did them that charged huge bucks :) I am jealous of the creativity. Thanks for following my blog. I return the follow love!
-The Ladies Lounge

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Spilled Milkshake said...

Creative people are just so awesome! My younger sister got all the creativity...I am so NOT creative. But Pinterest makes me feel like I am lol.


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