Visit to NYC... exploring... ( @hope4warriors ) part1

Happy Thursday y'all!!

I hope that this post finds you doing well and enjoying your day!!  This weekend I posted to tell you about what I was up to.  Well, I've got pictures and stories to share with you!

So, on Friday, my husband and I DROPPED OFF the kiddos with their grandparents for the weekend and we headed up to NEW YORK CITY!!!

Because of my husband's injury (click here to read about that, if you don't know what I'm talking about), the Hope for the Warriors sent us to NYC to participate in the most amazing experience that I've ever been a part of.

So, let me tell you about our trip...

We flew into LGA Friday night (thanks to rain delays).  The FDNY picked us up and drove us into the city.  On the way, the told us about the weekend plans and then of course, pointed out places in the city and told us 'where we were'.

When we got to our hotel, I immediately noticed that it was RIGHT NEXT to Ground Zero.  I started snapping pictures right away.  Here's what it looked like looking out of our window.

What you're looking at is the South Tower footprint (which is now an amazing fountain memorial... pictures to come). and the soon to be 9/11 museum.

Across from the memorial is a well known firehouse, The 10 House.  It was built when the towers were built and it still stands today.  Along the side of the building is a 56 foot bronze sculpture (below).  The sculpture shows a large picture of the events of that day as well as names of the 343 firefighters lost on 9/11 and a time line.  I tried to picture all of the details, but I'm NO photographer.  Hopefully you can get the idea.

We also visited St. Paul's Chapel.  The church is located right around the corner from the WTC.  Amazingly enough, it survived 9/11.  We were told by one of the firefighters, that the church served as a place to get rest, food, and aid.  

On the outside, there is a cemetery with headstones dating back to the early 1800s.

It was quite a beautiful site.  On the inside, they have created a museum with artifacts and memories from that tragic time 10 years ago.

If you can read this, it explains that the scratches all over the wooden pews are from the people working, with tanks, belts, and other things like that.  They found refuge on the pews, thus leaving marks that will NEVER be forgotten.

Outside the front door of the church, there is a timeline of the events of that time with pictures and quotes.

This quote makes it very real to me.  Almost like I can hear the people saying it...

This is a picture of the front of that church.  You saw earlier with the headstones... CRAZY, huh??

Lastly, we visited the 9/11 memorial (If you plan on visiting, you will need a pass to get in.  They are free.  But you still need one.  Click here to get yours.)  Most of these pictures really speak for themselves.

OK... more to come... standby...


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