Ruler Art Display

So, thanks to Pinterest (as usual... click here to follow me), I found a GREAT idea for displaying artwork in the playroom.  I got the idea from Ana White (stay tuned for WAY more stuff from this site... I...LOVE...IT!!!)

So here's what I did (slightly different than Ana White)...

I bought clothes pins.

I disassembled them (WAY easier than reassembling).

I spray painted them.

I reassembled them and glued them onto yard sticks (screws will split regular clothes pins).  The yardsticks were like $0.61... LOVE THAT!

Oh, and... the 'glue' isn't just glue.  It's called GOOP and well, it's one of my new favorite things.  I'm not too sure how it works, but it does!

SO simple, SO cute, SO fun!!!


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