I NEED a do over...

So yeah... ever have those days when you're like... wait... WHY did I get out of bed?  Yeah... I... FEEL... YOU!!!!  Let me just run through my morning, not because I need sympathy... because I want to share it with you and maybe give you a chuckle (since I am now able to laugh myself... the kids are sleeping... WHEW).

It started off with my daughter (who usually sleeps until 7/730) bee bopped into our bedroom at 545AM announcing that she 'wake-eh up'... YOU HEARD ME RIGHT... FIVE FORTY-FIVE!!!  UGH!  I scooped her up and told her that it was still night night time and she crawled in bed and slept with us (maybe I should get her one of those night lights that tell you when it's morning.  NAH... she really NEVER does this).  No worries, just as she fell asleep little brother chimed in... 630 and we were up and at it.  I picked Wyatt up out of his crib.  As I was carrying him to grab a diaper and change him, I realized that my shirt was now wet.  YUP... his diaper was saturated!  GREAT.

Diaper changed.  Breakfast underway.  Addison awakes (again) like a ray of sunshine... HA!  I am SOOOOOOO kidding.  She stumbles out of the room requesting pancakes.  Luckily for her, I had some left over from earlier in the week.  I was NOT feeling the whole homemade breakfast thing today.

So, we then go play for a bit in the playroom.  Wyatt goes back down for a nap.  I get to work on making a grocery list and planning meals for the week.

When Wyatt woke up, I loaded the kids in the car grabbed my sunglasses and noticed they were dirty.  Took them off and cleaned them... STILL DIRTY!  I looked down at my glasses and....

they were CRACKED!  :-(  Oh well, right?!  No use crying over it... there are groceries to get!

Ok... we get to Kroger.  The BIGGEST deal to my kids is riding in the carts that have a car in the front (well, THAT and getting a cookie).  So, we found a cool car and buckled in.  Shortly after (maybe 15 mins), Wyatt is steering Addson's wheel and pushing her... you know... the usual...  I offer Addison the seat up in front of me.  She decides that it would be safer to sit up near me, and leave Wyatt in the car.  So I'm browsing slowly and looking for a roast when all of a sudden, my cart bumps something.  Ideas?  Yeah, that's right... WYATT!  That stinker wiggled his way OUT of the seat belt and crawled out of the car!  RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!  RIGHT IN THE WAY OF MY CART!  No worries, I didn't hurt him.  I picked him up and loaded him in the front too.

As I am finishing up at Kroger (any ideas WHY I brought BOTH of my kids to the grocery store anyhow?!  WHAT was I thinking???), I'm now in the 'just get it done and GET ME OUT OF HERE' mode.  Sales/coupons/discounts... WHATEVER!  I just wanted to finish!  Wyatt was now reaching back and grabbing things from the cart.  I didn't care.  Addison did.  She would yell at him and tell him no.  I tried explaining that she needs to worry about herself.  Yeah, like that is going to work!  Then, he reached back to grab the eggs.  I informed him that he would NOT be playing with the eggs.  Lunchables are one thing... EGGS are another!  He did NOT like my decision.  Wyatt decided that now would be the perfect time to scream bloody murder in the store.  You would have thought I had just beaten him, but no...

Right... so paid and GOT OUT OF THERE!  Unloaded groceries at home (it's now only 1130AM... NOT EVEN NOON YET).  We hopped back in the car and over to a local school's fall festival.  Heck, I figured that I needed a nap too, so let's ensure that these munchkins get WORN OUT!

THEY DID!  They had a GREAT time.  Of course, at the end (due to complete exhaustion), there were some tears/meltdowns happening.  But, that was to be expected.  We all went home and my most favorite time of the day was upon us... NAP TIME!  We all took our well deserved naps... and geared up for a birthday party later that afternoon!

So, even with the early wake up, the pee shirt, the broken glasses, the child speed bump, the toddler tantrumS, and every other CRAZY part of the day (and most days)... I still have to look back and say that I'm glad that I had the chance to spend time with the ones I love.  Memories are memories... even if they're CRAZY!  I mean, how many people can say that their mom ran them over with a shopping cart??

Happy Sunday y'all!!!


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