Bud Vase *CRAFT*

OK... SO CUTE!  AND... soooooooooooo many variations!!

What you need:

-glass bottle/jar (depends on what you would like the outcome to look like)... we used small glass bottles, but even baby food jars would work!  The KEY is... something you already have!

1.  Cut the tissue paper into square/rectangles... just small pieces.  If your child is too young to use the scissors, you'll want to do this step ahead of time.  I stuck the different colors into Ziploc bags (those little buggers can get MESSY!).

2.  Using the paint brush or sponge, apply a thin layer of mod podge (if you don't have mod podge, watering down glue works too... mod podge just seals the end product a little better) to the outside of the jar or bottle.

3.  Cover the glass surface completely with the different colored tissue paper squares/rectangles.

4.  Apply a THICK coat of Mod Podge all over the bottle to seal everything (you can do a second coat once it dries). 

**It WILL dry clear!!**


  • Use a jar and put a candle in it
  • Use a baby food jar and put a T light in it
  • Use colored sand for the outside instead of tissue paper (I would really only recommend that to people with older kids... but, it's your call)


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