Thursday, March 31, 2011

*TIP* Dirty High Chair

So, just the other day I was considering getting a dog because I am SICK and TIRED of sweeping 213,124,436,239 times/day! ;-)  Bottom line is, if there was a way to get rid of even ONE thing from my LIST of THINGS TO DO EVERDAY... I'd take it! 

So... this helpful tip comes from a good friend of mine, Colleen K in Georgia.  Colleen and I have the same type of booster seat/high chair for our kids.

(Click here to check it out)

I love it!  In fact, I have one for both of my kids.  I like that it reclines and moves up to a booster seat in the end.  It's convenient and travels well.

Now... I went over to her house and noticed that she did something a little different with hers.  Of course, inquiring minds HAD to know...  So, I asked her why hers looked like this:

Where was the cute cushiony cover?  You know... the one that gets filthy really quickly (see shrimp sauce picture on the right)?  Yes, it is easy to remove the cover and wash it... but really, WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT??!  My goal is to elminate tedious tasks that take time away from doing fun stuff with the kiddos, such as laundry...hahahaha :-)

So, Colleen's genious idea is... KEEP THE COVER OFF!  DUH!  Why on earth didn't I think of that (don't you hate how many times we say that phrase in life?)?  Keeping the cover off allows for easy QUICK clean-up. Grab a Clorox wipe or disinfectant and a papertowel and...BAM... CLEAN!

So, if you have a booster like this, there's a great idea.  However, they're making the booster seats a little differently now... WITHOUT THE COVER! 

So yeah, click here to check out THIS cool booster seat at *remember* if you've never used there's a deal for YOU!   



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