Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*TIP* Can't Live without... A Large Tote!

What item can you NOT live without?

Amy S from Virginia says that it's a large utility tote.  Amy says that she uses the tote for LOTS of things. 
"I started with just one utility tote and last summer decided that I would get more. I have 2 in my trunk ALL summer. I use one for pool toys, clean towels, food, sunscreen and such. The other I use for the wet towels, wet bathing suits, etc. During soccer season I pack one with "team" snacks and the other with books, games, blankets, extra clothes, etc."

The tote that Amy uses is specifically from Thirty-One

I couldn't agree with Amy more!  Totes of all kinds are AMAZINGLY helpful!  **confession** LL Bean 'boat and totes' are some of my FAVORITE ones!  I'm slightly addicted to them.

Recently, I was googling ways to keep my car clean with 2 little ones under 3 years old(all my mommy friends feel me on this, or what?!?!).  I found a GREAT idea... and it was using something I ALREADY HAD!  Isn't that the BEST?!  So, they said they used a collapsible container (the tote posted above is also collapsible and would work well for this too!!).  They left it in the car and when there was things to bring in (too much for 2 hands), they filled the container!  DUH!  right?!  Anyhow, as a teacher, I got one of the GREATEST gifts!  A collapsible shopping tote.

So... it's easy... you just take out these little panels on the side...

 and then... smash it!

So see... it would fit perfectly under the seat of the car... that is... if there's room. ;-)  If you're interested in a tote like this, click here to check out some!



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