Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taco Tip

Here's something we do in our house to make eating a soft taco/burrito easier for little 2 year old hands.  It might not be the safest idea and might not work for you... but we do it and it keeps the taco/burrito from unrolling.

Simple... I know... but it's stuff like this that I pick up from other moms and it just makes life easier!  So, if you have a little one that LOVES tacos as much as Miss Addison... then this idea is for you!

**Notice she has already removed the first toothpick.  She 'gets' the concept.  Hope this helps SOMEONE!  OR gives you an idea for helping your kiddo eat tacos :-)

**Sorry she isn't wearing a shirt (mainly that apology is to my husband)... tacos can be MESSY!!!**


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