Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grocery trip savings + TIPS

So today was my BEST grocery savings trip yet!  Now, I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to an 'Extreme Coupon' person.  BUT, I have FINALLY figured it out... and I am BEYOND excited about the money that I am saving!  It is actually like a challenge when I got to the store. 

If couponing is something you're interested in trying, check out these 2 helpful sites:


(I'm running the clipping service ;-) and would LOVE your support!)

You could always post questions/comment on here and I can try my best to answer them, or maybe one of my more experienced couponing friends will chime in...::hint hint:: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Good luck!  Happy Shopping...


Jackie said...

Since you've finally figured it out, you can explain it to me! :) I shop at Kroger with double coupons and store values and e-coupons, but never save more than I spend!!! WOW!

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