Monday, March 28, 2011

Beach Tips

Had a request from a mom and I think it's a GREAT idea!  She wanted beach tips with the kiddos.  Since the beach is... well... FREE... it's a GREAT place to spend some time (not to mention... there will be a SERIOUS nap to follow any successful trip).  Here are some of the tips that I have... Please feel free to add any other ideas!! 

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1.  SUNSCREEN- First of all... CHECK WITH YOUR PEDIATRICIAN.  What age to start using sunscreen is pretty unclear, so I definitely recommend asking them first.  If you child is ok for sunscreen, I would be sure to apply it all over them BEFORE putting on the bathing suit (in case things shift).  I LOVE the spray sunscreen for my 'I can't hold still... not even for ONE MINUTE' 2 year old.  It applies and reapplies VERY easily!

I LOVE these for the face...

2.  SNACKS/DRINKS-  Bring a LOT of all of them (ESPECIALLY water).  Remember that there will be sand EVERYWHERE... so maybe a water bottle with a squeeze top.  Also, I prefer tupperware type containers over Ziploc (again because of the sand).  Little hands seem to just season EVERYTHING with sand while at the beach.  :-)

We LOVE goldfish, pretzels, fruit (strawberries are a favorite), fruit snacks, anything that doesn't require her to stop and sit for too long...HA!
I like to use a cooler like this for the beach, easy to tote when your hands are already SO FULL!

I would also recommend bringing an extra bottle (or gallon) of water to use for rinsing off if there are no showers...AND to have on hand if there is a 'sand in the eyes' incident.

3.  SHADE-  We have the NEATEST thing (well, this isn't EXACTLY what we have... but it's close).
It provides shade for naps, for lunch, for a timeout ;-), for a little time OUT of the sun!  We LOVE ours!  Even if you don't have something like this, and umbrella is fine.  Just make sure you have SOMETHING to provide shade for you little one! 

I REALLY love these!!!

4.   CLOTHING-  First of all, BE SURE to pack a grocery bag or garbage bag to bring home wet/dirty clothes!  Don't forget a change of clothes for the ride home!  IF your beach has showering facilities, make sure you at LEAST rinse off your kiddos... since chances are, they'll be asleep by the time you get home!  These disposable wash cloths are another one of my favorite things!  They are dry, you add water and they lather right up!  PERFECT for the beach/pool!!
Make SURE that your kids have appropriate sun protection when it comes to clothes as well (this is one of those 'at your own discretion' things...).  Here are some ideas....

5.  TOYS-  It is ESSENTIAL to provide ample entertainment at the beach! 

I also like to bring a beach ball, Frisbee, and DEFINITELY BUBBLES!!!  If you have one, a kite can be LOTS of fun and very entertaining for kids at the beach.  We use a basket/bag type deal to hold all of our toys because it's plastic and can also be rinsed off!  You could always use a grocery or garbage bag as well.  The idea is to get rid of or contain as much sand as possible!!

6.  TIME-  This is an important thing to consider when planning a trip to the beach.  You need to consider naps, eating, when it's hottest.  All of these are VERY important when you want to make your trip to the beach successful.

Here are some other ideas that I have heard from others (but haven't tried myself):
-bring a SMALL blow-up kiddie pool to put some beach water/shells/toys in to let babies play too!
-bring baby powder (it can take sand off your feet... but then, won't you have POWDER on your feet?!)
-jogging or 3 wheeled strollers work the best going through the sand (We just got a wagon for Christmas.  I am anxious to see if that works in the sand...we shall see...)

Well... that's all I have for now.  I hope this helps!  If you are a beach pro (you KNOW who are), PLEASE pass along any advice to us all!  THANKS


Colleen said...

Very helpful! I'm hoping to get to the beach soon with my little guy!

Beth said...

Nice Job, and great tips! Wish I had some little ones here to take to the beach :(

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